Body-worn video oplossingen

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Body-worn video oplossingen

Are you planning to buy body-worn cameras for your staff? Edesix body-worn cameras have proven to deter aggression and protect those working in the front, while providing fraud-proof evidence to safeguard evidence.

Body worn cameras from Edesix are robust, safe, easy to use and are used worldwide by police, prison services, security teams and emergency services.

In the coming years you will always see father body-worn cameras in various professions. Hospitality, security, field service engineers and service employees all need a safe workplace.

Do you want to buy a body-worn camera? Please contact Firecom for advice on this equipment. Firecom is ready to advise you.

Edesix Video manager

Edesix offers you VideoManager, the most advanced software tool for managing video images, system users and your range of body-worn cameras.

This web-based back office gives you full control over your entire range of Video Badges, as well as images from third-party cameras, making proof-ready images quick, easy and secure.