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Motorola DP1400 UHF analog

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The Motorola DP1400 is an entry-level model from Motorola. The radio is available in analog and analog / digital versions. It has the same accessories as the Motorola CP040 and is suitable for emergency response, industry and construction.

The walkie-talkie has two freely adjustable buttons that make it possible to program an emergency button, program a battery indicator or start a private conversation.

The successor to the Motorola UHF analog is the Motorola R2 UHF analog.


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Description of the Motorola DP1400 UHF analog

The Motorola DP1400 is an entry-level model from Motorola. The Motorola DP1400 replaces the popular Motorola CP040 and has the same charger, battery, antenna, belt clip and audio connections.

The Motorola DP1400 VHF analog only has the ability to communicate analog. It is possible to purchase a digital license so that you can also communicate digitally. The slow transition is particularly nice if you have existing analog radios. You can then phase slowly.

The main features of this radio are:

  • 16 channels
  • Two freely adjustable keys
  • Analog communication
  • Update to digital possible

The DP1400 is splash-proof and therefore ideal for emergency response, construction and industry. The two freely adjustable keys make it possible to program a wide range of possibilities. For example, it is possible to say the name of the channel, activate the emergency button or request the battery level.

Digital communication

In the event that digital channels are programmed into the radio, it has approximately 20% more range and excellent sound quality. Digital communication filters out background noise and makes it possible to have private conversations, send status messages or use other special functions.


The Motorola DP1400 can be charged in a multi-charger for six two-way radios. The walkie-talkies are then neatly together and can be used immediately in the event of a calamity. Optionally, we have many different earphones available. You can think of a simple Walkman earpiece to a detective earpiece. We have a speaker microphone available for use on the belt. The loudspeaker microphone ensures that you can communicate 'from the shoulder'. Especially for use in an environment with a lot of noise, we have earplugs available with a reduction up to 28 DB. This ensures clear, fast and reliable communication in all circumstances.


For optimal protection we have leather carrying bags available. The leather carrying cases protect the radio against drops, bumps and dirt.

Trial Placement

Do you want these walkie-talkies or the DP1400 digital Want to test in your organization? Please contact us for a free trial placement.

Brief features of the Motorola DP1400 UHF analog

Emergency button


Explosion-free latex


Anti-tip-over mandown

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Advantages and disadvantages of the Motorola DP1400 UHF analog

  • + Same connection and accessories as CP040
  • - Large

Delivered with

  • Transceiver
  • Battery
  • Antenna

Accessories for the Motorola DP1400 UHF analog

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  • Gerard

    Great walkie-talkie. We rent these from Firecom. Work really well and easy to use

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Additional information of the Motorola DP1400 UHF analog

sku DP1400-UHF ANAL
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Emergency button


Explosion-free latex


Anti-tip-over mandown



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Smart battery


Battery type

Lithium ionide


Freely programmable key




Transmit power

4 watts, 5 watts

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Motorola DP1400 UHF analog