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Logistics calling system

With a logistics calling system you have more options to call a driver when you are ready. The system ensures that the logistics process runs smoothly and gives you control over the supply of drivers. You can call the driver to drive up to a relevant loading or unloading dock. The driver will in any case receive a sound, vibration and light signal.

Call system for drivers

A logistics call system consists of a transmitter (operating station) that is centrally located. From the operating station it is possible to call up the coasters / pagers / discs. After sending an alarm, the disk will beep and vibrate. With the paging system it is possible for the driver to go to another place and wait there quietly. It ensures that there are no long lines or crowds when loading and unloading.

Alarm receiver with display

If you do not want to work with the coaster and want to inform the drivers more personally, you can choose from an alarm receiver with display. This allows you to easily inform the driver with a text message to which gate to come to be unloaded. The basis of the paging system is an operating station. You also need an alarm receiver. You can choose from a pager and the associated charging unit. All systems are immediately ready for use and you can get started right away. The pagers are numbered to keep the order.

What are the advantages:

  • Efficient
  • No long lines at the docks
  • Driver can do something for himself
  • Wide reach
  • Driver always available

What do you need?

  • Operator station
  • Charging unit
  • Loose receivers

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Combined charger and transmitter

   975,- Excl. VAT

Combined charger and transmitter with coasters.

  1.987,50 Excl. VAT

Charging rack for 30 IQ pagers

   475,- Excl. VAT

Charging rack for 30 IQ pagers

   395,- Excl. VAT

Charging rack for 15 IQ pagers

   375,- Excl. VAT

IQ Pager Digital

  67,50 Excl. VAT

Complete guest calling system with 15 coaster

  1.392,50 Excl. VAT

basic transmitter

   375,- Excl. VAT

classic coaster

  59,50 Excl. VAT

Charger for 15 pieces of coaster classic

   125,- Excl. VAT

Maxpage Pro UHF paging system

   1.499,- Excl. VAT