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BHV radios


Have been for decades BHV radios used for communication between people at great distances. In addition, walkie-talkies are frequently used by private individuals for holiday and recreational purposes. These radios are used in the PMR band (446 MHz), no license is required for this band. The maximum transmission power of these radios is 0,5 watts. If the range of the permit-free walkie-talkie is not sufficient, you can use professional walkie-talkies with a license from the National Digital Infrastructure Inspectorate. These walkie-talkies buy of rents you, of course, at Firecom. Firecom also offers the possibility to BHV radios to lease from €19,99 per month.


Professional emergency response radios are widely used in security, industry and emergency services. There are roughly two different types of professional radios: Analog and digital. Analogue radios are affordable and have a range of about 5 to 10 km in open field. The downside is that they have a relatively poor voice quality combined with the ability to eavesdrop on them. Digital radios have approx. 25% more range with the same power and the voice quality continues to be of a high level. Digital walkie-talkies offer the user options to exchange voice messages and GPS location. In addition, reports from the fire panel can be sent via ESPA 4.4.4. to be displayed. In recent years, more and more digital radios have been sold instead of analog. The analog radio will be phased out slowly.


Initially, you will immediately opt for license-free walkie-talkies for price reasons (budget). We would, however, like to explicitly warn you about malfunctions. The license-free frequencies are used for a variety of wireless devices. It could therefore be possible that children with a walkie-talkie will disturb you during a Emergency response exercise. You will understand that this is absolutely undesirable during an actual calamity. The use of a licensed walkie-talkie ensures you can check for malfunctions. You get specific own frequencies for use.

TOP 3 BHV walkie-talkies

  1. Kenwood TK-3701DE (approx 7 floors or 700 meters)
  2. Motorola SL1600 (approx 10 floors or 1 km)
  3. Motorola R2 UHF digital (approx. 10 floors or 1 km)


Then pay very close attention. The National Digital Infrastructure Inspectorate advises you not to use permit-free equipment for business-critical communications. Disruptive walkie-talkies can affect your processes.

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Hytera BD505LF

Hytera BD505LF

   155,- Excl. VAT

Kenwood TK-3701DE - Set of 6 with a multi charger

  1.421,78 Excl. VAT

Kenwood TK-3701DE - Set of 6 with detective headsets and aluminum carrying case

  1.415,60 Excl. VAT

Kenwood TK-3701DE - Set of 6 walkie-talkies

  1.146,60 Excl. VAT

Kenwood TK-3701DE

   195,- Excl. VAT

Kenwood TK-3701DE - Set of 2 walkie-talkies with handheld microphones

  528,20 Excl. VAT

Kenwood TK-3701DE - Set of 5 in plastic carrying case

Motorola XT420

   119,- Excl. VAT

Motorola XT420 without charger

   113,- Excl. VAT

Motorola XT460

   135,- Excl. VAT

Motorola XT460 without charger

   125,- Excl. VAT

Motorola XT460 - set of 6 walkie-talkies in multi-charger

  1.003,50 Excl. VAT

Kenwood TK-3501

   140,- Excl. VAT

Set of 6 Kenwood TK-3501 radios

  823,20 Excl. VAT

Set of 6 Kenwood TK-3501 two-way radios with earphones (security set)

  988,20 Excl. VAT

Set of 6 Kenwood TK-3501 in multi loader

  1.089,96 Excl. VAT

Motorola XT420 - set of 6 in multi charger

  920,55 Excl. VAT

Motorola SL1600 UHF

Set of 6 Motorola SL1600 in a multi charger

Kenwood TK-3360

Kenwood NX-320E3

Kenwood NX-320E2

Kenwood NX-220E2

Kenwood NX-320E

Kenwood NX-220E

Motorola SL2600 VHF

Motorola SL2600 UHF

Motorola DP2400e UHF

Motorola DP2400e VHF

Motorola DP2600e VHF

Motorola DP2600 VHF

Motorola DP2600e UHF

Kenwood NX-200E

Kenwood NX-300E

Kenwood NX-230EXE

Icom IC-F29SR2

   179,- Excl. VAT

Kenwood NX-330EXE