ISO 9001, ISO27001 and ISO14001 certification

ISO9001, ISO27001 and ISO1400

Firecom BV's policy is aimed at meeting the requirements and needs of its stakeholders as best as possible. In order to create a good balance between the interests of all stakeholders, our management system for information security and quality improvement of our products and services is anchored in the standards ISO 27001:2017 , ISO 9001:2015 and ISO14001:2015  

Quality system

  A well-functioning management system is a valuable resource. It provides structure and overview for all primary and supporting processes, but also for risk management. The involvement and professionalism of the management and employees in the implementation and maintenance of the management system is of essential importance. We achieve our information security and quality objectives by:  

  • to develop a quality and information security policy that is appropriate for the organization and to make this policy known and understandable within the organization;
  • providing a framework for setting quality and information security objectives and continuously improving them;
  • continuously monitoring and optimizing customer satisfaction, information security, safety and the well-being of employees;
  • communicate with stakeholders;
  • establishing responsibilities, powers, procedures and working methods;
  • continuous monitoring and improvement of processes;
  • increasing knowledge and skills by training and/or educating employees;
  • promoting high information security and quality awareness among employees;
  • the provision of resources necessary for the maintenance and continuous improvement of the management system;
  • continuing to meet the requirements set by law and regulations;
  • maintain the management system that meets the conditions as stated in the standard NEN-ISO-27001:2017 and NEN-ISO-9001:2015

Firecom BV will keep its employees informed of this policy and the agreements arising from it. It monitors the implementation of this policy and makes adjustments where necessary. The objectives and KPIs are proactively monitored, evaluated and immediately adjusted where necessary during the various consultations.  

Core values

  Firecom's core values ​​are:  

  • Honest
  • Trustworthy
  • Quick

The staff will propagate these core values ​​while performing our work. We make decisions based on these core values. Improvements are made by listening to:  

  • Customers
  • Staff
  • Suppliers
  • Other stakeholders

Every employee is expected to carry out the activities in accordance with the organization manual and to make an active contribution to the implementation of this policy. In order to work in a structured manner on quality matters and to improve them where possible, objectives are set annually during the management review. The director will ensure that each employee is aware of and adheres to this policy.