Corporate social responsibility at Firecom

Corporate social responsibility at Firecom

Not only financial considerations, external pressure or government policy play a role in corporate social responsibility within Firecom. We want to take responsibility for what we do and for what we leave behind on Earth. By means of corporate social responsibility we want to contribute to society, to treat our staff in a more pleasant way and to burden the environment as little as possible. 

In August 2018, it was therefore decided to investigate the possibilities and implement feasible measures immediately. At that moment it was decided to just start. Adjustments based on gathered insight are still possible. So far, the following corporate social responsibility measures have been implemented:

Cashback promotion

For years, the focus within Firecom has been on sales and maintenance. Because we think sustainability is important, our focus is now also on the disposal of old radios and alarm receivers. The time of making, using and then throwing away and burning things is over. The Netherlands is working hard to be an economy without waste by 2050: a circular economy. That is why we take the responsibility and initiative to complete the circle in our company.

Old walkie-talkies and alarm receivers can be sent to us free of charge so that we can dispose of them in an environmentally friendly manner. It is essential that disposal is done in the least harmful way to the environment as climate change is becoming a reality. As a result, the focus within Firecom has shifted to ways in which we as a company can minimize our impact. Sending the walkie-talkies to us is of course free of charge. Shipping to us can take place in two ways.

The first way is the old-for-new scheme. This means that customers can return old products when purchasing new products. A return box and label are included with the order in which the old products can be shipped to us. The value of the products is determined upon entry. Customers have the option of getting this money back or depositing it to a good cause.

It is also possible that people do not place an order with us but still want to send old walkie-talkies and alarm receivers to us so that we can recycle them. This old-for-nothing scheme is of course also possible free of charge because we think it is very important that the old walkie-talkies are processed in the correct and least harmful way for the environment. If financial proceeds from this cashback follow, we will transfer this to a charity.

CO2 compensation plan

A carbon offset plan is a program that allows an organization or individual to offset their contribution to greenhouse gas emissions (mainly CO2) through investments in projects that reduce the emission of these gases. This can be done, for example, by investing in renewable energy projects, efficiency projects or protecting forests. This is a way to reduce the effects of our own CO2 emissions and contribute to the fight against climate change.

Go to our CO2 compensation plan


We find a clean and pleasant workplace very important for our staff. This means that the entire building is cleaned thoroughly and climate-conscious once a week. Because there is climate-conscious cleaning, there is less CO2 emissions. For example, it was decided to have the Firecom building cleaned weekly by a local company. As a result, the economy is stimulated locally and fewer kilometers are also traveled by the cleaners to get to the property. 

In addition, cleaning is done during the day instead of in the evening so that the lamps and the climate system do not have to be switched on or work for a few extra hours. This also saves CO2 emissions. Finally, only biodegradable cleaning agents are used to minimize the impact on the environment.

Paper usage

Within Firecom we try to digitize as much as possible in order to reduce our paper consumption as much as possible. For example, quotations are only sent by email instead of on paper. Naturally, the privacy of all our customers is also taken into account. We also comply with European privacy legislation that was introduced in 2018. In addition, we have switched to recycled and unbleached A4 paper. This paper is made from 100% recycled paper and cardboard waste. Our goal is to use as little paper as possible, but unfortunately it is currently not possible to use no paper at all. However, we use our paper as economically as possible to keep our consumption as low as possible.

In order to minimize the impact of our consumption, we have therefore opted for recycled unbleached paper. If it becomes possible in the future to stop using paper, we will certainly do this! 

Energy and water consumption

Air Conditioning: We have air conditioning to keep the temperature of the office as optimal as possible for our employees. In addition, all windows have sun blinds so that as much heat as possible is kept out in the summer. This also has a positive effect on the energy consumption of the air conditioning.  Lighting: Previously it often happened that in certain rooms often unnecessary light was on. This is absolutely unnecessary if this is not necessary. Therefore, it was decided to provide the entire building with environmentally friendly LED lighting in combination with motion sensors. It is now possible to adapt the lighting to the presence and needs of the staff. As a result, the lamps no longer burn all day, but only when necessary. Daylight is also used as much as possible. The entire building is equipped with double glazing, so that there is also a lot of daylight. Office: Our PCs and other devices are almost constantly on during working days. However, this is necessary to carry out our work. Care is taken that devices are always switched off after working hours. When purchasing new office supplies, the power consumption is also taken into account.  Solar panels: In the very near future, we want to fill our entire day with solar panels so that Firecom can become self-sufficient in terms of power supply. The other electricity that Firecom uses must come from sustainable renewable energy sources.  Toilet: There are several toilets in our building. A fair amount of water is required for flushing. Because we want to keep our water consumption as low as possible, we have a smaller reservoir, a flux control and a flushing interrupter. These measures have been implemented so that as little water as possible is used during each rinse. Also, only eco toilet paper is used! Kitchen: Our canteen has a kitchen so that employees can prepare a healthy lunch for themselves as easily as possible. In the kitchen we have both a tap and a dishwasher that uses water. To keep water consumption as low as possible, we have a water-saving tap and the dishwasher runs on ECO mode when it is completely full. 

We use NO gas.

Sustainable cooperation

Corporate social responsibility also means that we want to be a sustainable partner. For that reason, we use a realistic payment term and we also respect the terms that our suppliers use. We want to be known as a reliable partner, supplier, customer and employer. We do this by actually delivering what we promise. In addition, we try to do business as innovatively as possible by thinking out of the box as much as possible. We try to think long-term instead of short-term as much as possible, taking into account people, planet and profit. 


Unfortunately, waste cannot be prevented. If this had been possible, we would certainly have worked hard for this. Our focus is therefore on the strict separation of our industrial waste. Paper & cardboard, plastic, glass, cans, batteries, vegetable & fruit waste are strictly separated by us. As a result, our other corporate waste is nil. All our waste is further processed by recognized waste companies, with the exception of our paper and cardboard. 

The most waste within Firecom is the paper and cardboard. Paper and cardboard is collected from us twice a week by a local organization. They collect the paper and cardboard in a container which they then offer to a waste processor. This organization generates income that they spend on the well-being of the seniors in the municipality of Krimpenerwaard. For example, activities are supported with this income that counteract loneliness, support caregivers, transport clients to the hospital, etc. 

Shipping of products

We have a major impact on the environment through the use of packaging materials. Products are ordered daily from the Firecom webshop, which we send to customers by parcel post. To ensure that the products arrive neatly at the customers, packaging materials are used, such as plastic send bags and different sizes of cardboard boxes. To reduce the impact of packaging materials, as many boxes as possible from our suppliers are reused, recycled boxes are purchased and as little air as possible is sent. 

We also ask our customers to recycle the packaging materials they have received. They can easily do this by offering the plastic shipping bags with the plastic waste and the cardboard boxes  to offer with the waste paper. The boxes can also be reused to ship products as they are often easy to use after one use. Unfortunately, the tape we use is still not recyclable. Hopefully there will be alternatives in the future that will also make the tape recyclable. 

Sustainability of our suppliers

Since most of the products we sell are not produced by ourselves, we are aware that our biggest impact is not our own, but our producers. Nevertheless, we want to do everything we can to minimize the impact. Transparency is part of corporate social responsibility. That is why we want to be open about the activities that our producers take:  Our major suppliers are Kenwood and Motorola. If you are curious about what activities they undertake in relation to corporate social responsibility, please visit the following websites: 


We have some of our products produced by recognized companies ourselves. This takes into account the socially responsible activities of the producer. 

Green commuting

Firecom currently has a number of company cars on the road. Not all cars in the fleet currently have an energy label A or B. Because we think this is very important, our purchasing policy for new company cars has been adjusted. When purchasing new company cars, explicit attention is paid to the energy label of the car. A new company car must have energy label A or B. In the future, we would like our entire fleet to be energy neutral. However, that is not yet possible because the range of affordable electric cars is not yet large enough. 

The tire pressure of the fleet is regularly checked. Correct tire pressure can ensure that around 2% to 5% fuel is saved. As a result, the tire pressure of our fleet is checked regularly. 

In addition, it is encouraged that Firecom employees must come to work by bicycle. Traveling by bicycle does not cause greenhouse gas emissions, is healthy for body and mind and is also a cheap transport alternative. 

In addition to selling with advice on products, we also do maintenance and troubleshooting. Often it is automatically confirmed that our employees come to the location. Since kilometers are being made for this purpose that result in additional emissions, a necessity policy has been followed. Our employees are happy to visit if the customer wishes or is necessary, but if it is not necessary, we try to do this as often as possible with conference calling. The customer still receives the assistance of our employees, but in a different way. For example, you can speak to them by phone, via Skype or, for example, personal videos are made about how the products work. 

Finally, the planning takes into account as much as possible the bundling of agreements. If agreements can be bundled so that this saves transport kilometers, which ultimately results in lower CO2 emissions. 

Contribute to CO2 Compensation projects

Greenhouse gases from road transport and the production of products that cannot yet be reduced can be neutralized by means of compensation projects. By offsetting the remainder of greenhouse gases caused, we take 100% responsibility for our own emissions and contribute to combating climate change. We do this by donating part of our profit to charities that contribute to a better world. 

Social awareness

Firecom is active in both the business to business market and the business to consumer market. Although our main business activities take place within the business to business market, we think it is very important to be socially involved. Our company is established in society. That is why we as a company also want to be involved in society. We do this, among other things, by offering internships and graduation internships to students from MBO, HBO and the university. Project groups are also welcome to carry out projects at Firecom. We also sponsor various associations, schools and events, mainly in the social field in our own neighborhood. Finally, volunteer work is also done annually by the employees of Firecom. 

Vitality of our employees

The vitality of Firecom's employees is very important because the employees are the backbone of the company. That is why it is stimulated in various ways that employees remain / become vital. Our policy regarding the vitality of employees is based on the BRAVO (exercise, smoking, alcohol, food, relaxation) principle. Among other things, the employees have ergonomic workplaces, a say in their planning, are involved in policy-making to create support, a workplace with sufficient light, air and space and finally, employees are left alone as much as possible during the weekend and holiday. In addition, the vitality of the employees is stimulated by:

  • Stimulating a healthy lifestyle. A healthy lifestyle is stimulated by offering fruit at work, walking during the lunch break, putting the water cooler further away so that employees have to walk more, etc.
  • Limiting work stress. This is done by recognizing the signs of work stress as soon as possible and taking immediate action at that moment before colleagues end up at home with stress complaints or even a burnout.
  • Talking to the employees. This is done at least once a year in the performance interview, but also sometimes just like that.
  • Regular discussions are held with employees about their wishes and expectations and about 'how things are going now' so that signals are picked up more quickly and employees feel heard to create a good working atmosphere. A good relationship with colleagues increases job satisfaction and has a positive effect on productivity. As a result, regular outings are organized such as a barbecue, an annual city trip, etc.
  • Providing challenge and variety. Employees are challenged to continue to develop themselves and opportunities are offered in the form of training and / or extension of the job packer. 
  • Opportunity to volunteer 20 hours per year
  • Sports Compensation Plan
  • Company bike

We hope that our corporate social responsibility policy will contribute to the world of tomorrow, even if we as a company cannot bring about a very big change. 

Nevertheless, we are going for it and we are convinced that our measures will indeed have an impact. We encourage our customers, suppliers, employees and other partners to think about this ideology and to apply it in business operations, because together we get more from each other!