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Kenwood NX-1200DE2

Kenwood NX-1200DE3

Kenwood NX-1200NE2

Kenwood NX-1200NE3

Kenwood NX-1300DE2

Kenwood NX-1300DE3

Kenwood NX-1300NE2

Kenwood NX-1300NE3

Motorola CLP0086BHNAA

   200,- Excl. VAT

Set of 6 Motorola CLP446e with headsets and multicharger – Free magnetic clip

  1.067,40 Excl. VAT

Motorola T62 blue

Motorola CLP446 without charger including earpiece

Motorola CLP446 with charger and earpiece

Motorola CLP446e with charger and headset

   165,- Excl. VAT

Motorola CLP446e without headset and without charger

  137,50 Excl. VAT

Motorola CLPe PLUS UHF with headset and charger (license)

Motorola CLPe PLUS UHF without headset and without charger (license)

Motorola CLP446 with bluetooth incl charger & earpiece

Motorola CLP446 with bluetooth including earpiece

Kenwood NXR-710E

   1.950,- Excl. VAT

Kenwood NXR-810E

   1.950,- Excl. VAT

Rent radios? The # 1 in radio rental!

Kenwood TK-series case for 10 radios.

   169,- Excl. VAT

Kenwood TK-series case for 5 radios.

   109,- Excl. VAT

Kenwood TK-3260 EX

   799,- Excl. VAT

Kenwood TK-2260 EX

   799,- Excl. VAT

Kenwood TK-2360

Kenwood TK-D240E

   245,- Excl. VAT

Kenwood TK-D840E

Kenwood TK-D340E

   280,- Excl. VAT

Kenwood TK-D740E

   395,- Excl. VAT

Kenwood TK-3701DE

   195,- Excl. VAT

Kenwood TK-3501

   140,- Excl. VAT
Our choice

Motorola SL1600 UHF

Kenwood TK-2360

Motorola DP3441e UHF

Motorola DP3441e VHF

Motorola DP3661e UHF

Motorola R7 Full Keypad Premium UHF

Motorola R7 Full Keypad Premium VHF

Motorola R7 full keypad UHF

Motorola R7 Full Keypad VHF

Motorola R7 non-keypad Premium UHF

Motorola R7 non-keypad Premium VHF


Do you want to buy walkie-talkies? Firecom is happy to provide support in this regard. In our wide range we have walkie-talkies for various industries and applications. In addition, we also offer you all kinds of accessories to be able to use the communication tool effectively.

Would you like to know more about the different radios we have and how you can use them? We are happy to give you more information about our products. Or take a look at our range.

We have a wide range of walkie-talkies, walkie talkies and accessories.

The difference between analog and digital radios

Buy a good walkie-talkie? walkie-talkies from Motorola, Kenwood or licensed Hytera are widely used in security, industry and emergency services. Within the professional walkie-talkies There are two different types: analog and digital. Analog radios are available in our web shop for an affordable price and have a range of about 5 to 10 km in open fields. Do you want walkie-talkies with better speech quality? Then digital walkie-talkies are the right choice. Digital walkie-talkies have approximately 25% more range with the same power and the speech quality remains of a consistently high level. Would you like to buy a professional walkie-talkie from Motorola, Kenwood or Hytera? Contact us directly!

Use licensed walkie-talkies

Walkie-talkies for private and recreational use operate in the PMR band (446 MHz), no license is required for this band. These two-way radios have a transmission power of up to 0,5 watts. In practice, this is often a range of 1 kilometer in favorable conditions. If the range of the license-free walkie-talkie is not sufficient for you, you can use professional walkie-talkies with a license from the Telecom Agency.

Top 3 walkie-talkies from Kenwood

We supply many products from the Kenwood brand. That is why we have prepared a top 3 of the Kenwood brand:

Top 5 walkie-talkies from Motorola

We supply many Motorola brand products. That is why we have prepared a top 3 of the Motorola brand:

Top 3 walkie-talkies from Kenwood

We supply many Kenwood brand products. That is why we have drawn up a top 3 of the Kenwood brand. This is ideal if you want to buy a walkie-talkie:

Professional radios for security, industry and emergency services

Digital walkie-talkies offer the user options to exchange voice messages and GPS location. In addition, reports from the fire panel can be sent via ESPA 4.4.4. to be displayed. In recent years, more and more digital radios have been sold instead of analog. The analog radio will be phased out slowly. We therefore advise you to immediately opt for digital walkie-talkies. Of course we can provide you with sound advice.

Connect different repeaters to each other

It is possible to use repeaters (amplifiers) on both licensed analog and digital radios. A repeater amplifies the range from the point where the repeater is placed. We recommend using a maximum of one repeater for analog radios. With digital radios from Motorola or Kenwood it is possible to use multiple repeaters. You can connect different repeaters based on IP. This is also possible at a great distance, so that different branches can be connected to each other. Motorola MotoTRBO items and Kenwood Nexedge items do not support digital walkie-talkies. We are therefore happy to discuss with you which products best suit your situation.

The advantages of ordering from Firecom

At Firecom we specialize in the sale and maintenance of walkie-talkies. In addition, we also provide all communication networks, lone work systems, alarm receivers and call systems. These can be used for various industries such as emergency response, industrial security, healthcare and education. Are you looking for call systems in addition to two-way radios? Even then you are at the right place at Firecom. We offer you call systems that can alert large groups of people within seconds. Of course with 100% reliability and without delay.

Accessories and spare parts

In addition to complete radios, we also have all kinds of loose parts and accessories in our range. You can think of batteries, audio sets and programming sets. Do you not know which parts you need for your radios? Then we are happy to advise you on this.

Buy walkie-talkies? Be advised by our specialists

Are you looking for walkie-talkies that can be used in different industries? Then we are happy to help you make the right choice. We work with renowned brands such as Hytera, Motorola two-way radios en Kenwood. Are you curious about all the possibilities that are available? you can also rent radios with us. Then don't hesitate to contact us! You can do this by telephone or by email. Our specialists are happy to help you make the right choice.