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Mobile personal alarm

There are several professions where people have to work alone. During these activities you run the risk of being confronted with aggression or dangerous situations. The mobile personal alarm from Firecom ensures that extra people are warned at the right time. At the touch of a button, your colleagues, friends or family members will know where the problem is.

a mobile personal alarm sends the location of the user to contacts via GPS. A speak-listen connection is immediately created so that you are immediately informed.

What kind of systems are there?

  • Mobile personal alarm with only an emergency button
  • Mobile personal alarm with emergency button and tip-over detection
  • Mobile personal alarm with call forwarding to control room

What do you have to pay attention to?

It is important to determine on which method to sound the alarm. An emergency button is almost always standard, but the fall-over detection is additional. Then determine where the report should go. In some cases this is a colleague or family member, but in some cases this has to be sent directly to an external emergency room. If you are already a customer with us, we can also link the system to the alarm system of your emergency response team or company fire brigade.

What are the costs?

The costs of a mobile personal alarm vary widely. Some systems only have a one-time purchase price, others have annual recurring costs. Please contact us for details.

Main options

  • Emergency button
  • Fall-over protection
  • Speak-listen connection
  • Location display
  • Notification when leaving location
  • Action by emergency room

Fast service and reliability from Firecom

Firecom alarm systems is specialized in the sale and maintenance of walkie-talkies, walkie-talkie networks, pagers and call systems for emergency response, industry, security, healthcare and education. We prefer to work with renowned brands such as Motorola and Kenwood. Our working area is the Netherlands and Belgium. Our entire team is ready to help you!

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TWIG Neo. Portable emergency button that rings itself in the event of an alarm.


Available from   311,08 Excl. VAT

Twig Beacon (ATEX) (for EU use)

   413,- Excl. VAT

Twig Beacon (for EU use)

   210,- Excl. VAT

TWIG Embody Embed

TWIG One Atex

Available from   1.304,38 Excl. VAT


Available from   314,16 Excl. VAT

Firecom Guard (ATEX)

Firecom Guard

TWIG Protector ATEX


Available from   585,20 Excl. VAT

EkoTek starter set with 10 repeaters and 2 pagers

   4.319,- Excl. VAT

EkoTek starter set with 15 repeaters and 2 pagers

   5.194,- Excl. VAT

Man-down alarm receivers

Firecom Protect incl 1 year subscription

   310,- Excl. VAT