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Walkie-talkies in the catering and retail sector



Two-way radio ears in a supermarket or catering industry

For several years now walkie-talkie earphones made their appearance in supermarkets and catering. A fast and modern way to exchange information directly with colleagues. The equipment enables you to communicate quickly and directly with each other. A suspicious situation in the store, a question from a customer or a stock problem. The walkie-talkies ensure that you are quickly in contact with colleagues. The walkie-talkie is a welcome addition, especially in terms of customer-friendliness. Does the customer have a question and the employee cannot answer it directly? All colleagues are available at the touch of a button.

Making the ears interference-free

Most walkie-talkies now used in supermarkets are license-free walkie-talkies. These radios use approx. 30 freely available frequencies. Each supplier uses its own undertone, but upon delivery this undertone is not changed by a personal undertone. The result is an annoying noise or sharing. We can provide almost all equipment with our own undertone. You will therefore no longer suffer from noise or shared use.

Motorola CLP446 or Kenwood PKT-23e

The Motorola CLP446 is the most widely used radio for retail. Small and easy to use. We supply this Motorola CLP446 including single charger and earpiece. Of course we make it trouble-free with a personal undertone. In addition to the Motorola CLP446, we also have the Kenwood PKT-23E available. This can also be used without an earpiece and is somewhat cheaper.

Modified earpiece for CLP446

We listened to our customers and one modified version of the standard CLP446 earpiece. Motorola's updated model uses thicker cabling. You can order it from us for € 27,50.

Push button for assistance

Assistance with the bottle belt or an extra cash register? Our push button sends a wireless message over a very long distance. The alarm receiver will vibrate and beep and display the set message on the screen. Also ideal to place at any cash register. If there are any problems, the manager will immediately receive a message “Problems at checkout 4”.