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Emergency aggression buttons

In our range you will find various emergency buttons that you can use in case of aggression. An emergency button can be placed under a counter, for example. When an emergency arises where the employee sees no possibility to call in emergency services, an aggression emergency button can be a remedy. Aggression teams are engaged with a simple push of a button.

How can an aggression emergency button be used?

The major advantage of these emergency buttons is that aggression teams can be alerted with the push of a button. These emergency buttons can be used in many different companies. In many cases, an emergency button is mounted wirelessly under a table. This can be, for example, at residential care institutions, municipalities and banks. The notification sent to the aggression team can also be displayed on a ticker. This means emergency buttons can also be used in other ways. For example, when an emergency button is pressed in a particular room in a residential care institution, the ticker can show exactly which room is concerned.

Various types of emergency buttons

Emergency aggression buttons come in different types. In addition to the traditional push button that can be placed under a counter, there are also wireless emergency buttons that have a lot in common with the appearance of a walkie-talkie. In addition, aggression emergency buttons and alarm receivers work on their own network. The advantage of this is that you don't have to use a subscription service or a national network.

Check out the possibilities!

Do you want to purchase an aggression emergency button? We would be happy to discuss the options with you. We find your wishes very important in this. Based on your wishes, we can see which ones calling systems best suit your situation. So please feel free to contact us or order an emergency button in our webshop.

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Firecom emergency response call system

Firecom BHV Lite calling system

  750 Excl. VAT

Omikron Call Help 400TX

  345 Excl. VAT

Wireless neck transmitter

  112,50 Excl. VAT
Alert the emergency response team or company fire brigade via Firecom Dispatching

Firecom Dispatching

Wireless emergency button

  185 Excl. VAT

Wireless emergency button with alarm receiver

  315,25 Excl. VAT

Maxpage Pro UHF paging system

  1.499 Excl. VAT

Wireless emergency button (4 buttons)

  199 Excl. VAT

Unication Alpha Elegant

  140 Excl. VAT

Birdy Slim alarm receiver

  250 Excl. VAT

Birdy WP alarm receiver

Birdy WP (ATEX) alarm receiver

  225 Excl. VAT

Swissphone s.QUAD X15

  297,15 Excl. VAT

Galaxy alarm receiver

  153 Excl. VAT

Swiss phone DE915

  250 Excl. VAT

16 contacts module for FBP-1500

Wireless emergency button with alarm receiver

  252,50 Excl. VAT

Neck hanger with receiver

  252,50 Excl. VAT

64 contacts module for FBP-1500

Contact (relay) receiver

  250 Excl. VAT

Emergency button module for 4 buttons

  299 Excl. VAT

Emergency button module for 1 button

  249 Excl. VAT

Marquee for paging system

  685 Excl. VAT

Omikron Callhelp 400 call system with 4 receivers

  732,55 Excl. VAT