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Buying a mobile phone? The # 1 in mobile phones!

Mobilophones are used as a base station at a reception, porter's lodge or control room of industrial complexes, control room, security and museums. The base station can also be used in a car or truck.

Firecom sells Motorola, Kenwood and Hytera radios. Almost all our radios work on 12 volts and are programmed as desired. Motorola mobile phones are the most popular and support many different functions such as telemetry solutions, GPS, text messages, job tickers and encryption options.

A mobile phone is often used to communicate from a reception. The mobile phone makes it possible to send a message on a lot of power. A mobile phone is not dependent on an external battery.

You can switch machines off and on remotely via the telemetry solution of mobile radios. It is possible to control several relays. If necessary, we have extensions available to switch a very large number of relays. With this application you can open gates, activate machines or activate light and sound signals over very long distances (several km).

The radios use a 12 volt power supply. We have mascot power supplies available to connect the mobile phone to 230V. We have many different accessories available for mobile phones. You can think of external PTT buttons, speakers, control room applications, fist microphones and much more.

Do you want a Motorola, Kenwood or Hytera buy a mobile phone? Firecom is # 1 in mobile phones and can help you immediately!

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Kenwood NX-1700AE VHF Analog mobile radio

Kenwood NX-1700AE60 VHF Analog mobile radio

Kenwood NX-1700DE VHF DMR Analog mobile radio

Kenwood NX-1700DE60 VHF DMR Analog mobile radio

Kenwood KMC-9CM

Kenwood TK-D740E

Motorola DM1400 UHF digital

Motorola DM1600 UHF digital

Motorola DM1400 VHF digital

Motorola DM2600 UHF

Motorola DM2600 VHF

Motorola DM4601e VHF

Motorola DM4601e UHF

Motorola DM4600e UHF

Motorola DM1600 VHF digital

Motorola DM4600e VHF

Motorola DM4401e UHF

Motorola DM4401e VHF

Motorola DM4400e UHF

Motorola DM4400e VHF

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