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What is a walkie talkie?



We all know them, but when we have to define them it sometimes becomes difficult. That applies to more things of course. Because what exactly is a walkie talkie? A walkie talkie is a portable device that allows you to send and receive, intended for communication between two or more people. When these are used professionally, we often call them walkie-talkies. In private use we usually call them walkie talkies. We are happy to tell you more about these devices.


The origin of the walkie talkie


The radio already existed. It was only quite large and clumsy and it was not possible to send it back. So only received. In 1937, the Canadian Donald Hings invented a model that could both transmit and receive, was relatively small and also waterproof. The walkie talkie was further developed in various ways and produced on a larger scale during the Second World War. The ability to communicate remotely proved to be very useful on the battlefield. After this, this device became smaller and more powerful, so that we can now simply put some models in our back pocket. A significant development compared to the first version that weighed no less than 5 kilos!


What is the range?


Walkie talkies always have a limited range unlike, for example, a telephone. How far they can transmit and receive depends on the amount of watts of power of the device. Above 2 watts you need a permit to use the walkie talkie. This can be requested from the National Digital Infrastructure Inspectorate. As a rule of thumb, the more power, the further you can transmit.


Walkie talkies for organizations


There are many different reasons for organizations to use walkie-talkies. We have described some of the common cases of professional use below for you.


    • Defence: Because military personnel operate in different types of terrain under all circumstances, it is useful if they can reliably communicate with each other remotely.


    • Police and emergency services: Ambulance personnel as well as the fire brigade and police use it every day. Communication through this route literally saves lives and is very important to the work that these organizations perform. So also for in-house emergency response this is extremely suitable.


    • Events: When there are many people in a single place, it becomes difficult to move quickly from one side of the location to discuss something. That's why walkie talkies at events so convenient.


    • Supermarkets and large shops: What applies to events also applies in some cases within large shops and supermarkets. It is very useful to be able to call a colleague while you cannot move from your place, for example when you are behind the cash register.


Also for individuals


For certain organizations and companies, walkie talkies are therefore very useful or even crucial. The need is often less for private individuals, but they can also be very useful. Below we give some examples of this.


    • Summer vacation: For example, when you go on a summer vacation with two cars, chances are that you are driving behind each other. Once across the border, the range with a telephone is not always good and you often pay higher costs than in the Netherlands. With a walkie-talkie you can reach the other car with a single push of a button. Super easy!


    • Winter sports: During a ski holiday it is very convenient to easily reach each other on the mountain. Fog, height difference and a busy track can make communication difficult, but with a walkie-talkie this is no longer a problem. Do you have our blog about the best walkie talkie for winter sports read?


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