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Professional walkie-talkies

Professional walkie-talkies from MotorolaKenwood of Hytera Licensed are widely used in security, industry and emergency services.

Within the professional walkie-talkies There are two different types: analog and digital. Analog radios are affordable and have a range of approximately 5 – 10 km in an open field, the disadvantage is that they have a relatively poor speech quality. There is also the possibility that these walkie-talkies are overheard. Digital walkie-talkies have approximately 25% more range with the same power and the speech quality remains at a consistently high level. Do you want a professional Buy a Motorola radio? Contact us directly or take a look at our range below! In addition, you can also rent radios at Firecom.


Portofoons voor particulier en recreatief gebruik werken in de PMR band (446 MHz), voor deze band is geen licentie benodigd. Het maximale zendvermogen van deze portofoons is 0,5 watt. In de praktijk is dit vaak een bereik van maximaal 1 kilometer in gunstige omstandigheden. Als het bereik van de vergunningsvrije portofoon niet voldoende is kunt u gebruik maken van professionele portofoons, met een vergunning van Rijksinspectie Digitale Infrastructuur.

With permit

Digital walkie-talkies offer the user options to exchange voice messages and GPS location. In addition, reports from the fire panel can be sent via ESPA 4.4.4. to be displayed. In recent years, more and more digital radios have been sold instead of analog. The analog radio will be phased out slowly.

Repeaters and amplifiers

It is possible to use repeaters (amplifiers) on both licensed analog and digital radios. A repeater amplifies the range from the point where the repeater is placed. We recommend using a maximum of one repeater for analog radios. With digital radios from Motorola or Kenwood it is possible to use multiple repeaters. You can connect different repeaters based on IP. This is also possible at a great distance, so that different branches can be connected to each other. Motorola MotoTRBO items and Kenwood Nexedge items do not support digital walkie-talkies.

Motorola Wave on Cloud

Motorola WAVE is an online platform for wireless and fast communication in all corners of the world. Unlike traditional walkie-talkies, these walkie-talkies, applications and control room applications are connected via the internet. Are you curious how we can be of service to you? View here our services.

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Despite our extensive webshop, we believe that you professional walkie-talkies not always ordered in a webshop. You can therefore always contact us for advice, a conversation or a professional coverage measurement. We would love to get in touch with you. Please contact us directly at 085-4011980. In our contact form. you can also leave your question, we will get started quickly.

Buy professional walkie-talkies?

Would you like to get started with professional walkie-talkies such as Atex two-way radios or the latest Motorola product the MotoTRBO ION? View the products below that can support you in this. Do you order a professional two-way radio on working days? Then you will receive it this morning.