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Technical reports

Technical reports can be used as an application in, for example, fire alarm control panel, building management system and home automation. At Firecom we ensure that these technical messages are correctly displayed in various applications. Are you curious about the possibilities for your organization? Take a look at this page or contact us without obligation. There are plenty of options for every organization to use technical reports correctly.

Technical reports in factories

In factories, technical reports can be essential for production. For example, if a machine threatens to overheat or the production process stops because there are too many products on the belt, it is important that this can be reported automatically. On the basis of a system that is linked to machines, this can be passed on to employees in the factory, for example.

Fast communication

With a paging system you have fast communication between different departments in your factory. With the push of a button you can transmit information on the wireless alarm receiver. With our sensors or contacts you can report movement, openings or loads. For example, use our door sensor to transmit an opening wirelessly. You can use our push button to pass information to a forklift driver.
Need personal advice?

For quick display of technical messages, use a wireless calling system from Firecom. Our calling systems have a very wide range and can be linked to fire panel, building management system, home automation and many other applications. A large part of our wireless calling systems are equipped with various options such as NEN standardization, message display, ESPA link, emergency buttons, location determination, wireless telephony and personal security. Would you like personal advice about the products regarding technical reports? Our customer service experts are happy to help you with this. Please contact us to see the possibilities for your situation.

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Firecom emergency response call system

Firecom BHV Lite calling system

  750 Excl. VAT

Omikron Call Help 400TX

  345 Excl. VAT
Alert the emergency response team or company fire brigade via Firecom Dispatching

Firecom Dispatching

Wireless emergency button with alarm receiver

Maxpage Pro UHF paging system

  1.499 Excl. VAT

Unication Alpha Elegant

  145 Excl. VAT

Birdy Slim alarm receiver

  250 Excl. VAT

Birdy WP alarm receiver

Birdy WP (ATEX) alarm receiver

  225 Excl. VAT

Swissphone s.QUAD X15

  297,15 Excl. VAT

Galaxy alarm receiver

Swiss phone DE915

  319,50 Excl. VAT

16 contacts module for FBP-1500

64 contacts module for FBP-1500

Contact (relay) receiver

  250 Excl. VAT

Emergency button module for 4 buttons

  299 Excl. VAT

Emergency button module for 1 button

  249 Excl. VAT

Marquee for paging system

  685 Excl. VAT

Omikron Callhelp 400 call system with 4 receivers

  732,55 Excl. VAT