About us

The team

As a team we are enthusiastic. No fixed thoughts, but an energetic team that only continues to grow in knowledge and volume. The first staff arrived in 2015, after the first real major assignment from a government institution. From that moment on, Firecom has grown rapidly and continues to grow with 1, 2 and sometimes 3 new employees every year. As a team we always aim for 100% customer satisfaction and reliability. This may mean that the customer is not always King. Why? We stand for honesty, reliability and speed. We stand for what we do. If we cannot fulfill this, we will not do it. Safety in this industry comes first.

Joost – Director | Peter – Sales engineer | Maartje – Purchasing | Agnes – Administration | Mark – Team Lead Field Service Engineers | Bas – Sales support | Stefano – Field Service engineer | Gabriéla – Content Marketing | Jeroen – Sales engineer | Beau – Sales  | Babette – Rental coordinator | Andre – Field Service Engineers | Lidewij – Subscriptions| Martin – Field Service Engineers| Harry – Field Service Engineers | Karlijn – Warehouse | Lucas – Service Engineer | Kyra – Warehouse | Merle – Warehouse | Jack – Service Engineer| Martin – Sales support| Eric-Frank – Sales

24.000+ products

20.500+ customers

1.964 associates

25 colleagues

Our work

Firecom provides fast and reliable alarms and communication. Our alarm systems have been developed internally and are used to alert company emergency services, public order and safety, company fire brigade and intervention teams. Our communication systems are from Motorola, Kenwood and Hytera. With our walkie-talkies it is possible to communicate wirelessly over a great distance. We use digital technology (DMR and TETRA) so that messages are encrypted, the range is further and the speech quality is perfect. It is possible to send text messages and make emergency notifications. Our systems make it possible to view your communication fleet remotely. We use GPS and extensive control room systems for this.

Our customers and partners

Our customer base has almost always remained the same and includes large companies and government agencies. The striking thing about our customer base is that it is very diverse. Motorola has been an important supplier to us from the very beginning. That has always been the case. Together with Kenwood, Swissphone, TPL and Unication, these are still our main suppliers.

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