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Motorola TETRA radios

Are you looking for Motorola TETRA radios? Firecom is an official Motorola partner and supplier of Motorola TETRA radios. At Firecom you get a clear overview of the available radios and networks. We are happy to visit you for honest advice on location.

TETRA stands for Terrestrial Trunked Radio and is a digital standard for radio communication. TETRA is used by professional emergency services, oil refineries, transport companies or large industrial complexes. TETRA is suitable for organizations with many walkie-talkie users. You can think of 100 to 1500 users. Time Division Multiple Access (TDMA) technology makes it possible to use 4 talk groups on one frequency.

There are several radios within the Motorola TETRA range. In addition to radios for two-way communication, Motorola also has a TETRA pager. This makes it possible to immediately reply to a message. In this way you can fully integrate alarms and communication.

In contrast to DMR technology, TETRA makes it possible to prioritize discussion groups, apply a high degree of security and, for example, easily create additional discussion groups. Do you want to know if a TETRA network is suitable for you? Then do not hesitate to contact us.

  • Ability to prioritize users and groups
  • 4 talk groups on 1 frequency
  • Control room applications
  • Redundancy options
  • Multiple talk groups at the same time

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Motorola MXP600

  946,50 Excl. VAT

Motorola MTP6650


Motorola MTP8500EX ATEX

  2.228 Excl. VAT   2.116 Excl. VAT

Motorola MTP8550EX ATEX

  2.266 Excl. VAT

Motorola ST7000

  778 Excl. VAT

Dimetra Express (Tetra)