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Kenwood NX-1300DE3


Kenwood TK-3701DE - Set of 6 with detective headsets and aluminum carrying case

  1.415,60 Excl. VAT

Kenwood KHS-10-OH-SD

   305,- Excl. VAT

Kenwood PKT-23E

   103,- Excl. VAT

c lambrelli

  92,50 Excl. VAT

Kenwood TK-3701DE

   195,- Excl. VAT

Kenwood TK-3501

   140,- Excl. VAT

Kenwood KSC-44MLE

  106,90 Excl. VAT    90,- Excl. VAT

KHS-34 C-Ring Kenwood

  28,80 Excl. VAT

Two-way radios from Kenwood 

One of the best-known two-way radio brands is Kenwood. In addition to brands such as 3M Peltor en Motorola Kenwood is still very popular. Kenwood offers an extensive range of walkie-talkies in every price range. So you can first get acquainted with an entry-level model and later expand with a walkie-talkie that offers even more functions. Do you have an SME and are you looking for walkie-talkies? Then an entry-level model is the right choice to get to know Kenwood walkie-talkies. Learn huhGet to know the brand and its useful functions with a model that is easy to use. Kenwood also has the right two-way radios in its range for large events or large companies.  

Advantages of Kenwood walkie-talkies & walkie-talkies

High quality and durability are paramount in the production of Kenwood walkie-talkies! You can enjoy the best functions for a long time with the purchase of these two-way radios. There are also a number of important advantages that Kenwood offers with its walkie-talkies: 

Easy and versatile 

The walkie Kenwood talkies are very easy to use. This is one of the reasons why the entry-level models are so popular. By getting to know the product in this way, you can more easily switch to a more expensive model with more functions.  

Digital en analog 

For one an analog walkie-talkie is sufficient and for the other a digital walkie-talkie is a requirement. Kenwood offers both digital and analog walkie-talkies. Not sure what you need? We are happy to help you with this. Meanwhile zmost walkie-talkies are digital and analog.  

Robust and suitable for various activities 

As mentioned earlier, you can use Kenwood walkie talkies for multiple activities. In construction, it is a perfect choice, because the walkie-talkies are robustn and can withstand drops and bumps. Furthermore, it is a compact walkie-talkie and is suitable for both a mountain hike and a construction project.

Collection of Kenwood walkie talkies 

As you can see, we offer various models of Kenwood walkie talkies. In addition to the walkies talkies, you can also choose from the Kenwood software and some accessories. This way you can purchase a complete Kenwood walkie-talkie package from us, without missing anything. As you can see, Firecom offers walkie-talkies in various price ranges. You can therefore always find a Kenwood walkie-talkie that suits your needs.  

Walkie talkies can be used for various tasks or activities. For example, private individuals enjoy taking a walkie-talkie with them on vacation. Kenwood walkie talkies are ideal for private individuals. And because there are not many complicated functions and operations to be performed, an entry-level model is ideal! For large companies and more complex tasks, Kenwood offers walkie talkies that are right hererop. Through the filters you can see which walkie-talkie is suitable for this.  

Kenwood walkie-talkies & walkie talkies at Firecom 

Not sure which model transceiver the right model for your work? Or do you want to get even more information about the walkies-talkies from Kenwood? Please do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to think along with you and advise you based on your wishes. We compare different models, also in different price ranges. This way you can be sure that you have made the right choice. You turn out not hellto be satisfied? Then it is possible to exchange the product for another model or to return it.