Cashback promotion

Cashback promotion

Firecom is a young and growing company in which sustainability is of paramount importance. We are specialized in the sale, maintenance and service of walkie-talkies, walkie-talkie networks, personal protection systems, pagers, alarm receivers and wireless emergency response systems (emergency response), industry, security, care and education.  



Discount on your order or money to a good cause? The choice is yours!


Not only financial considerations, external pressure or government policy play a role in corporate social responsibility within Firecom. We want to take responsibility for what we do and for what we leave behind on Earth. By means of corporate social responsibility we want to contribute to society, to treat our staff in a more pleasant way and to burden the environment as little as possible.



For years we have focused on sales and maintenance. Because we think sustainability is important, our focus is now also on the disposal of old radios and alarm receivers. The time of making, using and then throwing away and burning things is over. The Netherlands is working hard to be an economy without waste by 2050: a circular economy. That is why we take the responsibility and initiative to complete the circle in our company.


How does this work?

Old radios and alarm receivers can be sent to us free of charge so that we can dispose of them in an environmentally friendly manner. It is essential that the discharge is done in the least burdensome way for the environment as climate change is becoming a reality. As a result, the focus within Firecom has shifted to ways in which we as a company can minimize our impact. Sending the radios to us is of course free of charge. Shipment to us can be done in two ways.

Option 1 - Old for new

The first way is the old-for-new scheme. This means that you can return your old products when purchasing new products. A return box and label are included with your order in which the old products can be shipped to us. The value of your products is determined upon arrival. You have the option to get this money back or to transfer it to a good cause.

Option 2 - Old for nothing

It is also possible that you do not place an order with us but still want to send your old two-way radios to us so that we can recycle them. This old-for-nothing arrangement is of course also possible for free because we think it is very important that the old walkie-talkies are processed in the correct and least harmful way for the environment. If financial proceeds from this cashback follow, we will transfer this to a good cause. 

This is one of the projects within Firecom to ensure that our impact on the environment is reduced. Together we can ensure that the impact is minimized. We want to ensure that the disposal of old products is made as easy and sustainable as possible for you.


When we have raised € 1000, we transfer this to the 'Plastic Soup Foundation'. Below you can see the standings. PSF's vision is as follows: We do not remove plastic from the water; we ensure that it does not come in (anymore). Since our inception in 2011, we have been trying to achieve this goal by addressing plastic soup sources such as microplastics in cosmetics and synthetic fibers from clothing. According to the international press, the organization of Dutch soil now belongs to 'One of the leading advocacy groups to tackle plastic pollution.' 

Goal achieved. € 1000 transferred on 20-11-2019

When we have raised € 1000, we transfer this to the 'Ronald McDonald Children's Fund'. Below you can see the standings. The vision of the Ronald McDonald Children's Fund is as follows: “The Ronald McDonald Children's Fund plays an essential role in promoting the physical and mental well-being of sick and care-intensive children and their families. By letting them be close to each other. Keeping families close. '.

Interim score for donation of € 1.000,00