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Personal protection system

Firecom is supplier of the Mulitone EkoTEK system. The EkoTEK system consists of a base station and a very large number of wireless amplifiers. The network of amplifiers makes it possible to accurately determine the location of your lone workers or employees. During an emergency, the system is able to accurately report the position of your employees. The EkoTEK system also consists of neck transmitters, pagers, emergency buttons, WC alarms and much more. The EkoTEK system is the perfect system for the protection of lone workers and healthcare personnel.

EkoTek is one wireless personal protection system. The system is designed to protect personnel at company locations. You can think of laboratories, schools, factories, energy stations, shops, (psychiatric) hospitals and care homes. The EkoTEK system consists of a base station with amplifiers. The base station has the ability to display a dashboard. This dashboard shows you at a glance whether there are active alarms. The wireless amplifiers can be placed throughout the building, but also over outdoor areas. In this way you can secure an entire company site of a healthcare institution or industrial complex.

Mesh network

The EkoTEK system consists of a mesh 'network', so that the failure of a single amplifier does not result in the entire network failing. Each repeater will be connected to the repeaters in the area via a star connection. These types of networks are also called 'self-healing networks'.

Location determination

The EkoTEK system makes it possible to monitor users in a detailed manner. Each repeater has a range of approximately 20 meters. The system registers which devices are in range. During an (assistance) alarm it is therefore possible to immediately see where the user is. For example, you will see the text 'Emergency button Gerard in Warehouse'.

Emergency button & man-down

EkoTEK equipment has a blue and red button. Optionally, it is also possible to order only a version with a red button. When pressing the blue button, other users will be alerted to an assistance alarm. It is possible to accept this alarm, the alarm giver will be notified. When the red button is pressed, the other receivers will beep and vibrate loudly. In addition to the emergency button, it is possible to register whether a user has fallen (man-down), is stationary. (dead-man) whether the device has been taken (snatch cord). The previous functions make the system suitable for use in healthcare institutions. The EkoTEK paging system is suitable for use in:

  • Healthcare institutions
  • Prisons
  • Industrial companies
  • Town halls
  • Residential locations
  • Psychiatric facilities

Link with paging system

The MultiTone EkoTEK system can easily be linked to your existing calling system. The system is equipped with ESPA in / outputs and RS232 ports. You can spread alarms to external systems.


  • Exact location determination (5 meters accurate)
  • Emergency button
  • Mandown
  • Geofence
  • Indoor & outdoor location determination
  • Escalation
  • Link with external systems

After activating an alarm via the sensors or manual emergency button, it will wireless personal protection system automatically alert colleagues. A location determination of the transmitter will also be sent directly with the emergency message. In this way, assisting personnel can be directed directly to the right location. EkoTek gives your staff a safe feeling because they know that colleagues will be notified immediately in an emergency situation. Manual or automatic.

System description

  • EkoTek consists of the modules below. They can be easily added and removed.
  • Central Hub including IP access
  • Repeater unit incl location determination
  • Repeater unit incl alarm button and location determination
  • Pager (man-down, no movement) including single charger
  • Neck transmitter (incl mandown, no movement)

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EkoTek Repeater and alarm button

  DKK 208,- Excl. VAT

EkoTek neck transmitter

  DKK 137,- Excl. VAT

EkoSecure ATEX Pager

  DKK 498,- Excl. VAT

EkoTek Assistance pager

  DKK 348,- Excl. VAT

EkoTek Central Hub

  DKK 1.873,- Excl. VAT

EkoTek starter set with 10 repeaters and 2 pagers

  DKK 4.319,- Excl. VAT

EkoTek starter set with 15 repeaters and 2 pagers

  DKK 5.194,- Excl. VAT

EkoTek Repeater

  DKK 175,- Excl. VAT