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ATEX radios

ATEX radios

In places where explosion danger applies, the equipment used must meet strict requirements. Think for example of the (petro-) chemical sector, gas industry, mining, pharmacy, but also beer breweries and soft drink producers that use explosive gas to clean or disinfect their bottles. The so-called ATEX requirements of course also apply to explosion-sensitive walkie-talkies. firecom is a supplier of this ATEX radios en will gladly help you further if you want to rent or buy the ATEX walkie-talkies.   

What exactly are ATEX certified walkie-talkies? 

The abbreviation ATEX stands for the French name ATmospheres Explosion, or explosive environments. This term is used for equipment that complies or must comply with the European directives ATEX 153 and ATEX 114 with regard to explosion safety. These are part of the whole of EU regulations that must ensure that work can be done in the same, safe way in every country.   

Explosion-sensitive walkie-talkies 

Explosion-sensitive walkie-talkies, which logically include ATEX walkie-talkies, have been developed in such a way that these comply with the ATEX directives. For example, a regular walkie-talkie can have internal arcing or are no longer effective above certain temperatures. Our ATEX certified walkie-talkies eliminate these problemsThe design has already been taken into account with the elimination of any sparkover and extra resistance to high temperatures. This means you can rely on your ATEX two-way radio at all times.  

The most suitable models 

Our range includes various ATEX portofous. Depending on your requirements and wishes certain models of these explosion-sensitive walkie-talkies are of course more or less suitable. As a supplier of ATEX walkie-talkies we can of course advise you on the pearphone that suits you best. You can buy or rent these ATEX walkie-talkies. To give you a good idea of ​​the possibilities, we have briefly explained our two best models below.  

  • Motorola DP4401EX ATEX UHF 

With excellent explosion protection this model ideally suited for use on a drilling platform or in laboratories, for example. The most important features are excellent audio quality, long battery life, anti-tip over protectionging and emergency button and additionally freely configurable buttons. Add to that the option of bluetooth and GPS and you have one of the most complete, explosion-sensitive two-way radioss currently available in this market.  

  • Motorola DP4801EX ATEX UHF

This explosion-sensitive walkie-talkie, nand as the DP4401, equipped with extensive functionality. Similarly, the bright Audio, long-lasting battery, the anti-tilt protection and emergency button and the freely adjustable buttons. This way you can also use this model ATEX certified walkie-talkie on refineries or drilling platforms. In addition to all those available functions, this model also has one handy display and full keypad. This makes this variant even more pleasant to use than the DP4401. 

ATEX  Rent or buy walkie-talkies 

When you are looking for a supplier for ATEX walkie-talkies, you will have to choose whether to rent or buy ATEX walkie-talkies. Bee we give you both options, so you can choose what suits you best. Below we briefly describe the advantages of both options. 

  • Rent an ATEX walkie-talkie 

The choice to rent an ATEX walkie-talkie is often relevant when, for example, you temporarily need a few extra walkie-talkies, after which this will not happen again in the future. You can then easily expand the communication options with the rented walkie-talkies, but you are then not tied to equipment that you no longer need.  

  • Buy ATEX two-way radio 

Do you have the ATEX walkie-talkies? continuously necessary in daily practice, we always recommend purchasing your own walkie-talkies. It is especially relevant that you choose a sustainable model that lasts a long time, so that you can get the most out of your investment. We are happy to advise you on this to help you with the most suitable choice! 

ATEX  buy walkie-talkies 

If you wish to buy or rent ATEX walkie-talkies, or if you have any questions about the possibilities of our range, we are ready for you. Feel free to contact us to ask your questions or to have a quotation drawn up. In this way we ensure that you can rely on your own ATEX two-way radios in no time.  

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Icom IC-M87 ATEX

  DKK 629,- Excl. VAT

Hytera PD715Ex UHF

  DKK 934,- Excl. VAT

Hytera PD715Ex VHF

  DKK 985,- Excl. VAT

Hytera PD715IS UHF

  DKK 983,- Excl. VAT

Hytera PD715IS VHF

  DKK 983,- Excl. VAT

Hytera PD795Ex UHF

  DKK 1.141,- Excl. VAT

Hytera PD795Ex VHF

  DKK 1.141,- Excl. VAT

Complete set of ATEX radios (6) in multi-charger


Complete set for SOLAS regulations (ATEX two-way radios)

  3.745,70 Excl. VAT

Motorola DP4401 EX Atex UHF


Motorola DP4801 EX Atex UHF


Motorola DP4801 EX Atex VHF


Motorola DP4401 EX Atex VHF

Motorola GP340 ATEX

Kenwood NX-230EXE

  DKK 1.195,- Excl. VAT

Kenwood NX-330EXE

  DKK 1.250,- Excl. VAT