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Events walkie-talkies

Analog and digital radios provide high-quality wireless communication at events across the country. During events you would like to communicate in a large group and it is important that you can quickly convey messages to a large group of two-way radio users.

Audio accessories on the radios

During events it is important to use pleasant audio accessories on your radios. You can think of wireless earphones, shoulder microphone, multi-charger and, for example, throat microphones.

Renting walkie-talkies

Firecom has a large fleet of rental radios, walkie talkies, audio accessories, chargers and amplifiers. We can provide large or small events with rental radios. Optionally we can provide control room software, antenna masts and support.

From important sports competitions to large festivals, events that attract many people professional walkie-talkies it is impossible to imagine the cultural agenda of today. The organization of these events is therefore highly professionalized and uses many different tools and methods. One of the most important of these is perhaps the walkie-talkie. The radio is indispensable for various purposes at a large event. That's why firecom an extensive range of event walkie-talkies. We are happy to tell you more about this, so please read on.  

What are event walkie-talkies used for? 

Usually many people work at events with different job descriptions. They must perform their own tasks as well as possible, but will also have to contact other colleagues for this. This is easy with two-way radios by using one channel for general communication and one channel for task-specific mutual communication. We have listed some common job descriptions at events below.  

To secure 

Well-organized security is essential for large groups of people. Not only for annoying visitors, but also to help visitors and ensure that everyone can have a good time. Thanks to the event radio, the security guards can switch quickly and easily with each other.

Organizationation and production 

For the organization and producers of a festival, for example, the day of the event is always busy and stressful. They manage the whole and ensure that the time schedule is kept neatly. To be able to quickly ask whether an artist has already arrived, for example, they cannot do without a suitable event radio. 

Radios for first aid 

The employees of the first aid post often walk across the site or the location to see if everyone is doing well. For example, if security sees a situation where first-aid personnel are needed, they can be called up quickly with the radio for events.  

Walkie Talkies for Crowd management 

Large groups of people gathering in the same place cannot simply be let go. It is called crowd management is crucial to manage visitor flows and ensure, for example, that there is no risk of oppression when the event has ended. Usually security guards and production personnel perform this task together, whereby good communication via event radios is of great importance.  

Walkie-talkies for bar staff 

The busier the event, the harder the bar staff have to work. Basically that is not a problem, but they must be able to move on quickly! When a certain type of drink has run out, the staff often does not have time to supplement it themselves. By means of a walkie-talkie they can then make a call to the bar and ask if someone who has time for it can refill the stock.  

Suitable for all kinds of events 

The use of walkie-talkies for events quickly brings to mind popular music festivals such as Lowlands, Pinkpop and Down The Rabbit Hole. In addition, however, there are many other events that are handled smoothly with the help of event walkie-talkies. We have prepared a list of events below where our two-way radios come in handy.  

  • Food festivals 
  • Music events 
  • Openings  
  • Fairs 
  • Public events 
  • Sporting events and competitions 
  • Congresses 
  • Cultural events 

Buying or renting event radios?

At firecom we understand that it is important for your event that everything runs smoothly. We are therefore happy to advise you on which choice is the best when it comes to communication for your event. For example, you may wish to purchase several walkie-talkies and tools, which is of course possible with us. In addition, a rent a radio also an option. Feel free to contact us to ask any questions you may have, or to have a quote drawn up without obligation. We will then be happy to get started for you.  

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