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Firecom Dispatching is an advanced and complete calling system with many functionalities, including a web interface, ESPA input and SMS alarm. The system offers a clear operation and offers a quick alarm for the company fire brigade, BHV or a technical service. With the ability to send messages to wireless alarm receivers, SMS, email and other business systems, Firecom Dispatching is a powerful solution for all your paging system needs. The system also comes with a P2000 input for a local call, a callflow function, password protected admin and logging functions.


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Description of the Firecom Dispatching

Firecom Dispatching provides a rapid alert to the company fire brigade, emergency response team or your technical service. Via the clear web interface it is possible to send messages to wireless alarm receivers, SMS, mail and other business systems.

Firecom Dispatching is used by the emergency response team and the company fire brigade for rapid alarming from a control room. Firecom Dispatching is equipped with different inputs and outputs so that you can build the system in a modular way.

Main entrances

  • ESPA 4.4.4. (link with BMC)
  • IP/Web
  • Public network P2000
  • Emergency buttons
  • Availability of alarm receiver and walkie-talkies
  • RS232
  • ADAM
  • MOXA

Main outputs

  • Wireless alarm receivers
  • SMS
  • Email
  • HTTP
  • CloudOUT
  • Availability and attendance confirmation to


Messages can be sent via the website using the paging system. Via the IP address of the web interface you can select which alarm receivers and telephones you want to alarm. The status window shows which messages have been sent by the fire panel.

Main characteristics

  • Send messages via Firecom paging system
  • Send SMS alarm messages
  • Shortcuts
  • ESPA input for coupling with fire panel
  • Log function
  • Provide insight into the availability of the emergency response team
  • Compatible for smartphone
  • Password-protected admin
  • Call flow options
  • Optional P2000 input for connection to local call system

Brief features of the Firecom Dispatching


Emergency button

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Advantages and disadvantages of the Firecom Dispatching

  • + SMS alarm
  • + Mail alerts
  • + Shortcuts
  • + Link with fire panel

Delivered with

  • Operator station
  • Power supply
  • Instruction card
  • Antenna
  • Short training on location

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Firecom Dispatching