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Rent a walkie-talkie or several walkie-talkies in Amsterdam or Rotterdam? That is certainly possible at Firecom. Two-way radios are also known as a walkie-talkie. Working with a walkie-talkie is the most common way to communicate quickly and effectively during events or industrial stops, for example. Walkie-talkies ensure that you can quickly and easily communicate with a large group of users. With walkie-talkies it is easy to communicate in different groups.

Very competitive prices

You can rent two-way radios from Firecom from € 6 per day. The longer you want to use the walkie-talkies, the lower the price per walkie-talkie. At Firecom we rent out the Motorola DP 1400 two-way radio. This professional walkie-talkie uses the standard license. You have perfect coverage and you don't have to worry about the permit. The walkie-talkie uses our event frequencies.

all inclusive service

Service, programming and maintenance of the radios are always included. With insurance you cover your own risk amounts if, for example, a device is lost. We are happy to advise you on the best solution for this.

Radios of the best brands

Delivery service throughout the Netherlands

Many accessories available

Service throughout the Netherlands

Very competitive prices

Rent for short and long term possible

Rental prices per walkie-talkie

The prices below are per walkie-talkie. As you rent the radios for a longer period of time, the prices you pay will decrease. For an exact quotation of your request, it is best to contact us so that an employee can give the exact price for your rental period.

  • € 6 per day for a rental period of one day
  • € 3,25 per day for a rental period of one week
  • € 2,50 per day for a rental period of one month
  • € 1,70 per day for a rental period of two months
  • € 1,50 per day for a rental period of six months
  • € 1,00 per day for a rental period of one year

Rental prices accessories

Optionally, it is possible to rent various accessories. This makes using the DP1400 radio even easier for you. It is possible to rent the following accessories from Firecom:

  • € 1,00 per day for a detective earpiece excluding end tube
  • € 5,00 per day for a six-fold charger
  • € 1,00 per day for a single charger
  • € 0,50 per day for an extra battery
  • € 2,50 per day for a shoulder microphone

The Motorola DP1400 radio

The Motorola DP1400 two-way radio is a very fine two-way radio. The DP1400 radio is set in digital mode, which gives the radio approximately 20% more range and excellent sound quality. In addition, the Motorola DP1400 radio is splash-proof and therefore ideal for, for example, emergency response, construction, events and festivals. All in all, the Motorola DP1400 radio is very handy, pre-programmed in digital mode and has a wide range.

For more information about the DP1400 UHF digital, click on this link or contact us! 

Did you know that it is now also possible to rent 4G radios from Firecom?

Recommended accessories for the DP1400 radio

It is mandatory to carry the walkie-talkies with a walkie-talkie bag to ensure that the walkie-talkies are not damaged. It is optionally possible to rent various accessories. A full view of all accessories available for rental from Firecom are shown below.

Shoulder microphone

By using the shoulder microphone, you no longer need to hold the radio in your hand to transmit and receive. The shoulder microphone has a loudspeaker and a speech key.

Investigative Earpiece

A detective earpiece is very easy to attach in the ear. If you rent a detective earpiece, you are obliged to buy the end tube of € 7,50 each for hygiene reasons.

Extra battery

With the extra battery for the Dp1400 you increase the use time of the radios without having to charge them. You can replace the old battery with the new battery.

Single charger

With the single charger for the Dp1400 you ensure that the radio can also be charged. One DP1400 walkie-talkie can be charged per charger. Especially useful if you only rent a few walkie-talkies.

Sixfold charger

With this Motorola six-bay charger you can charge up to six radios simultaneously. The radios are very easy to place in the charger and are therefore always centrally placed together.


The repeater increases the range of your radio network. All radios in the field communicate via the amplifier, which in theory will double the range.


You can pick up the radios, have them sent or we can have them delivered (at an additional cost). The walkie-talkies are always carefully packed. Firecom also provides an explanation of the operation of the radios upon delivery. This makes it possible to rent walkie-talkies throughout the Netherlands and therefore also in the major cities of Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague and Utrecht.

Would you like to speak to a Firecom employee about the options for renting radios in your situation? Feel free to contact us by sending an email to or calling 085 4011 980. 

How long do I have to rent at least?

The minimum rental period at Firecom is one day. It does not matter for how long you want to rent walkie-talkies with us!

How and when do I have to pay?

New Firecom customers must pay in advance. As soon as we have received the payment, we can deliver the radios to you. For existing customers it is possible to pay afterwards. We use a payment term of 21 days for this.

For how many days do I have to pay?

At Firecom you only pay for the user days of the radios with any accessories. The shipping days are not included in the price.

Who pays the shipping costs?

The shipping costs are borne by the tenant. These are included in the quotation. On the other hand, we do supply a return label so that the radios with any accessories can be returned to Firecom free of charge.

Is it possible to extend the rental period?

It is no problem at Firecom if you want to extend the rental period. You can do this easily by sending an email to or by calling 085 4011 980.

1. Contact Firecom

2. Our seller makes a tailor-made offer

3. You can accept the quotation online

4. The walkie-talkies are sent or delivered on location

5. Use on location

6. Two-way radios are picked up or you can return them to Firecom

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