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Hospitality walkie-talkies

Walkie-talkies within the hospitality industry

Within the hospitality industry always put the guest first. You and your colleagues do their utmost to take care of them as well as possible and provide them with a beautiful, flawless experience. On a relatively small occasion, your guests are easy to see and you can usually give them sufficient attention. However, as the group of guests or visitors grows, the challenge grows. That is why more and more choose hospitality companies for an extra communication system: the radio.

This allows personnel to communicate with each other and to be managed because everyone can receive the same message. This makes it easier to working together and looking after guests as well as possible. We are happy to tell you more about this walkie talkies, so read on! 

Benefits of hospitality walkie-talkies 

More and more hospitality organizations professional walkie-talkies Deployment is because this brings them many advantages. We have listed these for you.

  • Communicate discreetly 

With an earpiece, you ensure that staff understand the messages loudly and clearly, while your guests will never hear them.  

  • Everyone can reach at once 

Communicating to all the serving staff that a certain type of wine has run out can easily take fifteen minutes. They must then pass this on to each other, for example. When they carry radios with them, this message is shared with everyone within seconds.  

  • Shorten waiting times 

Because communication is fast and smooth, the waiting times for your guests are also shorter. For example, inquiring or passing on information is done quickly. That way your staff can work faster and with more confidence, which always has a good influence on waiting times.  

  • Answer questions quickly 

When a guest asks a question where your staff doesn't know or can't know an answer, it makes sense that he or she will look for an answer for that specific guest. When it is busy too, although time is of course much more precious. With a walkie-talkie, the answer can be found quickly, the guest receives a piece of friendly service and it hardly takes your staff to take care of this.  

  • More peace of mind for your staff 

Especially with less experienced staff, the walkie-talkies can offer them a bit of confidence. The fact that there is a whole team behind them in a manner of speaking, simply through the device in their pocket, means that they dare to do more and are more confident in their work for which they do not yet have that much experience. 

Types of challenges

There are all kinds of different organizations active within the hospitality industry. For many of them, the walkie-talkie is a great solution. Below we have listed some of those organizations, along with one of the ways in which they can deploy walkie-talkies.  

  • Catering with terrace

On a busy summer day it is hard work for wait staff on a terrace. They walk up and down with orders and actually have no time to stop. However, they sometimes have to communicate with each other to ensure that everything runs smoothly. The radios then save them a lot of time and create an easy communication channel.  

  • Restaurants

Hospitality is extra important in restaurants. Staff can use the walkie-talkie among others can be controlled extra clearly, the kitchen can indicate how long it will take before a certain order is ready and the host can be asked quickly on site in a discreet manner.  

  • Hotels

There are often many different rooms and corridors in a hotel. Therefore, it may take time for staff to move around the building. They predominantly cover a large area with relatively few people. Working together becomes even easier for them when they can speak to each other, even if they are on different floors or on different sides of the building.  

  • Congresssen and fairs

At this type of event there are usually a lot of people in the same place. To manage all this in the right direction, employees cannot do without clear, mutual communication. Every second counts and often there is also a time schedule that must be followed. The radios then save them a sea of ​​time and make it easier to meet these challenges.

Buying hospitality radios?

Are you active in the hospitality industry and looking for one communication solution that improves your business? Two-way radios can be an ideal solution for this. We are happy to advise you on your specific situation. In this way, we select the right products for you together and ensure that you can start using them immediately.

Are you curious about all options and possibilities? Please feel free to contact us or view the offer in the webshop. We are happy to work for you to select the best radios possible! 

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