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Emergency response call system

A Emergency response call system alerts the company emergency response in a fast and efficient manner. This wireless calling system, or beeper system, alarms alarm receivers individually or in groups. Optionally, it is immediately visible in the text display where the message comes from. A link with the Fire Report Center is easily realized and guarantees an alarm without the intervention of the reception. The shortcut keys allow you to quickly send messages to the wireless alarm receivers, but also to phones via an app. It is also possible to make a link with the intranet, internet or telephone exchange. Firecom has systems based entirely on a cloud platform with apps, but also local systems for use in places without it GSM coverage.


An emergency response system based on paging or beeps has a very high reliability. Network outages or power failures have no effect on the accessibility of your organization. The current calling systems can be linked to your telephone as standard, giving you a hybrid solution for rapid alarming of your emergency response organization.


Via our emergency response application or via our smart wireless alarm receivers it is possible to get a real-time overview of the availability of your emergency response organization. You can choose to only alert users who are present or in a specific part of the building. An emergency response call system with automatic presence and absence ensures an effective and decisive emergency response organization. With our applications it is possible to register presence and absence via GPS, but it is also possible to detect the presence of alarm receivers in the charger.

Attendance confirmation

After sending an alarm you want to be immediately informed of the availability of your emergency response organization. With our wireless alarm receivers and applications you can respond immediately after receiving an alarm. In the dashboard you can immediately see who is on the road. If you have a large company site, it is even possible to calculate an expected arrival time to the fire station. If you want it simple, we choose equipment that does not have these functions.

Attendance registration

With all our systems it is possible to check the availability of your emergency response organization online. If desired, you can enter a weekly schedule for long-term planning of your emergency response organization. Automatic. upscaling based on presence is possible

Online alert server

In addition to our local systems, Firecom has systems based on an online alarm server with various inputs and outputs. Alarms via app, telephone, e-mail, page & mobile emergency button are possible.

Operating station for emergency response call system

For large business areas we supply a service station at the reception. It is possible to send messages manually or automatically via the operating station. The operating station is optionally accessible via a TCP / IP connection so that alarms can take place from anywhere in the company. Is this not desirable? Then we place an operating station in the central control room or reception. We place the central transmission equipment at a strategic location in the building.

  • Link with one or more fire panels based on ESPA 4.4.4.
  • Web access (TCP / IP) from the operating station
  • Linking physical and wireless emergency buttons
  • Optional connection with emergency response apps on iPhone or Android
  • Optional availability of alarm receivers
  • Wireless robust alarm receivers
  • Present and attendance registration
  • Breaks through smartphone's silent profile

Robust alarm receivers & apps

Various alarm receivers are available for our emergency response call systems. For simple emergency response organizations we have rechargeable alarm receivers that can be placed in the charger at the end of the day. Especially for industrial companies we have waterproof and dustproof alarm receivers with a large display. It is also possible to return a status message after an alarm. If the alarm receivers are placed in the charger, it is possible to make this clear in the web interface.

  • Very loud acoustic signal
  • Waterproof and dustproof
  • Rechargeable
  • Man-down / Working alone
  • Coverage measurement and demonstration

Link with external systems

Our systems have many different inputs and outputs. For example, we can connect based on potential-free contacts, but RS232 protocols are also no problem. Think of SCADA, ESPA, SCOPE, TAP and many others. If you have a specific link, please contact us. We develop these systems ourselves.

Solitary systems

The purchase of an emergency system or calling system for the emergency response team is usually combined with lone working systems. Do you have employees who work alone and do you want to protect them immediately? We like to make the combination.

Alarm centrally or locally?

In the case of an operating station, the emergency response team will be alerted from a central location. Do you want to alarm directly from the incident location? Then use our emergency response buttons, emergency response app or our Firecom dispatching module. Please contact us for a custom quote.

Coverage measurement and demonstration

We are happy to visit you for a free coverage measurement and demonstration. Because we believe that range is perhaps the most important part of the emergency response calling system, we perform an extensive coverage measurement after the demonstration. We will not be faced with surprises afterwards. Please contact us to see what the possibilities are for your organization.

Buy emergency response call system from Firecom

Do you not need a demonstration and do you already know what you need? We have different types of call systems for emergency response organizations.

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Firecom emergency response call system

Firecom BHV Lite calling system

Alert the emergency response team or company fire brigade via Firecom Dispatching

Firecom Dispatching

Availability for Firecom Dispatching

   865,- Excl. VAT

Attendance confirmation for Firecom Dispatching

BHV Alerting via the BHV Pieper alerting application for iOS and Android

Firecom monitor

Wireless push button

   249,- Excl. VAT

Wireless emergency button

   185,- Excl. VAT

Wireless emergency button with alarm receiver

Maxpage Pro UHF paging system

   1.499,- Excl. VAT

Unication Alpha Elegant

   145,- Excl. VAT

Birdy Slim alarm receiver

Birdy WP alarm receiver

Birdy WP (ATEX) alarm receiver

   225,- Excl. VAT

Swissphone s.QUAD X15

Galaxy alarm receiver

Swiss phone DE915

16 contacts module for FBP-1500


Motion detector with alarm receiver

  332,75 Excl. VAT

Wireless motion detector (short range)

   195,- Excl. VAT

Wireless motion detector (long range)

   340,- Excl. VAT

64 contacts module for FBP-1500

Alarm to HDMI

   750,- Excl. VAT

Contact (relay) receiver

ESPA converter for coupling with BMC

Emergency button module for 4 buttons

   299,- Excl. VAT

Emergency button module for 1 button

   249,- Excl. VAT

Marquee for paging system

   685,- Excl. VAT

Omikron Callhelp 400 call system with 4 receivers

  732,55 Excl. VAT