Motorola XT420 without charger

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The complete Motorola XT420 is license-free. Ideal for emergency response, retail, healthcare, hotel and security.

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Brief features of the Motorola XT420 without charger




Emergency button



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Advantages and disadvantages of the Motorola XT420 without charger

  • + Works with all Motorola license-free radios
  • + LED indicator
  • + Short antenna so handy
  • - No display

Delivered with

  • Motorola XT420
  • Antenna
  • Belt clip
  • Instruction booklet

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      Motorola XT420 - set of 6 in multi charger

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Description of the Motorola XT420 without charger

The Motorola XT420 is together with the Motorola XT460 Motorola's standard license-free radio. It is ideal for emergency response, retail, hotels and security at a short distance.

The XT420 from Motorola is the successor to the popular XTNi two-way radios. The XT420 is a sturdy and user-friendly two-way radio that does not require a broadcasting license. Just like the XTNi, the XT420 uses the freely usable PMR446 frequencies.

Because the XT420 radio is a license-free radio, the range will be limited to a distance of approximately 1,5 km under the most ideal conditions. Usually the power is more than sufficient for a standard office building with several floors. This walkie-talkie is ideal for emergency response and security.

The XT420 communicates with the XTNI (d) radios as standard, so that you can switch easily and in phases. Would you rather see which channel your radio is on? Then choose the Motorola XT460 with display.

Most important features

  • Large PTT button
  • LED indicator
  • 16 channels
  • License-free
  • Monitor function
  • Short antenna
  • Splash waterproof

Accessories for the Motorola XT420

The Motorola XT420 has an M1 accessory connection. There are many accessories available for the M1 connection. You can think of a shoulder microphone, earphones, chargers, bags and much more.


This radio is license-free. You do not need a permit and can use it immediately. Do you suffer from other radios on the same channel? You simply turn to the next channel. Do you suffer from shared use on all 16 channels? Then we are happy to program it for you with customer-specific settings. If desired, we do this immediately upon delivery.

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Accessories for the Motorola XT420 without charger

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Additional information of the Motorola XT420 without charger

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Emergency button





Explosion-free latex



Motorola XT420 without charger

  113 Excl. VAT

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