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Radios for football stewards

Professional football is the most popular sport in Europe. Almost all year round, competitions take place that attract thousands of visitors. Well-organized security is required to ensure that these events run safely. Thus, the football steward was created. Not to be confused with the friendly people who are taken care of during a flight, but comparable in the sense that both professions care about our safety. At stewards we speak of security guards in the stadium. They can walkie-talkies great use. We are happy to tell you more about this, so read on!

What exactly is a flight attendant?

As mentioned above, a flight attendant is a security guard in a football stadium. To become a flight attendant, one follows a relatively short course and may only perform security work in the stadium. A flight attendant is therefore not a certified security guard like an object security guard is. Fortunately, that doesn't make his or her job any less important, because with a lot of people in the same stadium the stewards are badly needed to guarantee safety!

What does a flight attendant do for work?

Since stewards are only allowed to work in a football stadium, you might think that they also only work during football matches. However, that is not entirely correct. Below we describe the dual function of flight attendants to make this clear.

  • During football matches in the stadium

Of course, the flight attendant works when a football match takes place in the stadium. The stands are full and visitor flows must be managed smoothly before and after the match. During the match, the stewards keep an eye on and communicate via walkie-talkies to secure the entire stadium.

  • Other events in the stadium

The steward may only perform security work in the stadium, but not necessarily only at football matches. Sometimes there is a large concert or event that also attracts many visitors. Stewards are also often deployed, as they are familiar with the stadium and are authorized to work here, which is often a good choice.

Risk Matches

Steward radios quickly prove their value in so-called risk competitions. These are often competitions of rival clubs, where unrest and problems sometimes arise. The stewards are present in large numbers at such competitions to keep the audience in check. The radio is crucial for this. This way they can inform each other very quickly about possible unrest or situations that require action. The stewards then know exactly where to go to support their colleagues and thus act quickly.

Choosing the right stewards

Because reliable, mutual communication between stewards is important to guarantee safety, choosing the right radios is a major task. At Firecom, we can provide you with the right advice to select the perfect steward radios that you and your stewards can always rely on. We are always there for you with advice to provide your specific wishes and situation with the right solutions.

Handy two-way radio accessories for stewards

For a flight attendant, there are some essential accessories that they use in combination with the radios for flight attendants. These are shown below.

  • Ears with microphone

To keep hands free and always hear messages clearly, even though there is a lot of noise in the stadium. The ears are therefore a perfect solution.

  • Carrier

With a good one carrier the walkie-talkie is attached to the flight attendant without having to pay attention to this.

  • Multi charger

A multi Lader ensures that multiple batteries of the radios are charged simultaneously. So every flight attendant has a full two-way radio when they go to work!

Radios for stewards at Firecom

We are happy to provide you with high-quality radios for your stewards in the safeguard. Feel free to contact us, we will be happy to help you!

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