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Do you want to be able to communicate easily during outdoor activities?

Are you looking for a walkie-talkie for recreational use? Then we have various license-free walkie-talkies in our range. You can use these up to a limited distance and are ideal for a winter sports holiday, for example. In addition, the use of the license-free walkie-talkies from our webshop is permitted throughout Europe. When you go on winter sports to France, Italy, Switzerland or Austria, you can easily use the walkie-talkies. Would you like to know more about the possibilities you have with walkie-talkies for Outdoor & Paintball? On this page we give you more information. You will also find the products that you can order from us here. In addition to ordering is a rent a walkie-talkie also possible.

Which walkie talkie do I need?

License-free radios allow you to communicate with each other for free. This one walkie talkies are therefore frequently used recreationally. This happens, for example, during outdoor activities such as paintballing or air sofas. Different teams can easily communicate with each other with these radios. The walkie talkies for recreational use can be ordered in different types. This varies from fairly simple walkie-talkies (Motorola T40) to walkie-talkies that contain a flashlight such as the Motorola T80. In addition, the Motorola T80 extreme is ideal for outdoor activities. Thanks to the VOX function you can easily communicate hands-free. Of course, all supplies for this, such as a lanyard and a belt clip, are included.

What is the most sold walkie-walkie

  1. Motorola T82 extreme QUAD
  2. Motorola T60
  3. Motorola T41 blue

Order a walkie talkie at Firecom!

Do you want to know which two-way radios best suit your situation? Please contact us via, for example, the chat function. When you order a simple radio for recreational use from Firecom, we will deliver it quickly. In addition, you pay low shipping costs and you can return ordered products to us for free. Take a quick look at our offer and order a walkie talkie that suits your needs.