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SmartPTT control room software for MotoTRBO

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The SmartPTT control room system makes it possible to do text messages, locations, status messages and logging of all radio activities.


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Description of the SmartPTT control room software for MotoTRBO

The SmartPTT control room system makes the status, availability and location of your walkie-talkies visible on a control room screen. Via the control room software of SmartPTT it is possible to use advanced functions of your MotoTRBO radios. The computer with SmartPTT is connected to a Motorola digital repeater or mobile phone. The discussion groups are visible in the clear control room screen. Your walkie-talkies automatically sign in and out when you activate or deactivate them. Walkie-talkies with GPS are visible on the map. It is also possible to upload your own drawings in the software via different formats. The walkie-talkies are then plotted on the extensive map of your own organization.

Main features of SmartPTT

  • Overview of radios and radios
  • Status overview
  • Set up private calls
  • Link conversation groups
  • Telemetry support

How does it work?

SmartPTT can be connected to your two-way radios. You can install SmartPTT on your computer. SmartPTT consists of a radio server and a dispatcher. These two programs can run simultaneously on one PC. The walkie-talkies can be connected by connecting a mobile phone to the computer. You have one talkgroup available per mobile phone. GPS locations always go over a second channel and therefore require an extra mobile phone.

In order to use the system as simply as possible, we advise you to use one Motorola SLR5500 repeater to the PC. This can be done via IP, so that the repeater and computer do not have to be close to each other. You then automatically have two talkgroups available, one of which you can use to send and receive voice calls. Via the other channel you can share data communication (GPS and status messages).

Status messages

You can send status messages to connected radios via SmartPTT. The screen displays all two-way radios and makes it possible to send text messages directly. When you receive the text message back, it is possible to automatically give it a specific color.

Voice logging

It is possible to record all calls via SmartPTT. You do not need an additional license for this.

GPS locations

If you have an extra channel for data communication, it is possible to automatically share GPS location with a walkie-talkie that supports GPS. You can upload your own map in SmartPTT with your company location. This map is linked to the GPS coordinates so that you can see exactly when someone is in a certain zone. Via the GPS location it is also possible to create a 'geofence' and receive an automatic notification if someone leaves a certain area unwanted.

Conversation groups

Depending on the configuration and equipment, you can create multiple talk groups in SmartPTT. You can also link discussion groups so that you can bring security into contact with, for example, cleaning. This is especially useful during emergencies. You can link the company fire brigade to security or to the technical service. In this way, for example, a commander can have direct contact with a company expert.

Mototrbo Repeater

The MotoTRBO repeater ensures that you immediately have two talk groups available. You can manage both talk groups from SmartPTT.

Rules and warnings

In SmartPTT it is possible to set different rules and warnings. A few examples below:

  • If a radio is flat for more than 30 seconds (mandown), you will receive an alarm message and the location of the radio.
  • If someone has not talked into their two-way radio for two hours, the status changes to 'resting'.
  • When someone presses the emergency button, all walkie-talkies immediately receive a status message. The emergency room receives an alarm screen.


You can use all MotoTRBO radios from Motorola. All models with a 1 at the end have GPS. These walkie-talkies can share their location. Enclosed a brief overview.

  • Motorola SL1600
  • Motorola DP1400
  • Motorola DP2400e and DP2600e
  • Motorola DP4400E, DP4600E, DP4800E
  • Motorola DP4401E, DP4601E, DP4801E
  • Motorola DP3441e and DP3661e
  • Motorola DP4401 ATEX and Motorola DP4801 ATEX

Other options

Many more things are possible with SmartPTT, some examples:

  • Remote monitor, with which you can 'secretly' listen in with a walkie-talkie. This is especially useful if you see on the camera that a security guard is talking to someone.
  • Send files between two locations over the radio network
  • Record calls
  • Alarm notification if someone does not use their radio.
  • Notification when the radio turns on
  • Notification when the radio goes off
  • Notification when someone leaves a specific location

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Advantages and disadvantages of the SmartPTT control room software for MotoTRBO

  • + Send status messages
  • + View locations

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